Grooming and Bathing

At Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital, we offer full service grooming as well as "just" baths. We can also do nail trims, anal gland expression, ear cleaning and even a special deshed treatment for your special pal. Our kennel staff can bathe your pet after boarding or anytime you want an extra clean pet. See our Baths page for more information about bathing. With long haired pets we are able to offer professional grooming services for both dogs and cats at our clinic. Grooming can have many additional health benefits to your pet beside the usual ‘beauty parlor’ look and smell! See our Professional Grooming page for more information on grooming in general and our Professional Groomer, Nancy. Remember, a matted pet can quickly become a target for flies in the summer months. Keep in mind that an ‘unkept’ animal may be a sign that the animal is not well and should be examined by one of our veterinarians.

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    Professional Grooming

    Description of Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital’s grooming and bathing process; the page is illustrated with original art prints by Nancy, our groomer.

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    Description of the bathing process and options at Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital with a link to the Bath Consent Form.

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    If travel, thunder, or fireworks upset your pet, he or she may benefit from tranquilization or sedation. While sedated, the animal will stay awake or sleep lightly but can be roused when stimulated. Some pets benefit from sedation while being groomed and bathed.

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    Boarding at Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital provides the peace of mind that your pet will be well taken care of while you are away because our first priority is your pet.