Professional Grooming


Expert and Experienced Professional Grooming

Nancy, our professional groomer is known for her experience, care and pride in the service she provides. At Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital, your pet will receive individualized grooming services to meet his or her needs and will be trimmed according to his breed. Click to see some of Nancy’s grooming clients photos.

Many groomers claim to be artists, but ours really is! This page has many samples of Nancy’s artwork. To find more, check out Nancy’s art page at

Why Have Your Pet Groomed at Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital?

We have a wide range of dog and cat grooming services available for young and senior pets alike. Introducing your pet to grooming at an early age, about eight weeks old, should pave the way for an enjoyable grooming experience as time goes on. For senior pets and pets with medical conditions, our groomer has experience in recognizing your pet’s special needs, and will provide the loving individualized care needed. And because we are a veterinary hospital, your pet can be seen by our veterinarians while receiving his “spa” treatment!


  • The full groom service begins with a rough-in haircut to remove unwanted hair (mats and tangles and to set the pattern), the nail trim and ear cleaning.
  • Your pet receives a Hydro-Surge bath that therapeutically cleans the skin, removing particles, dander or debris that may gather with a massaging action that penetrates the even the heaviest, thickest coats.
  • Your pet is thoroughly checked to determine any skin problems or suspected conditions that you may want evaluated by your veterinarian.
  • Your pet will receive the professional cut according to breed standard or owner’s preferences where possible.
  • The nails will be clipped and the paws checked for any foreign matter.
  • We use only the highest quality products to achieve a clean and healthy coat.
  • A Premium DeShed treatment is available to help alleviate unwanted shedding.
  • We are able to check for fleas or ticks and can apply the appropriate treatments to help alleviate this pesky problem!
  • For dogs, after your pet is professionally dried, our groomer performs the finishing clip and trims, adds a bandana or bows to complete your pet’s professional style.

Try a Groomer’s Dremel!
dremelDoesn’t it seem that you always get scratched right after a nail trim? There is nothing sharper than a dog’s freshly trimmed nails! For a small fee, the groomer will use a dremel to round the sharp edges that can help prevent those scratches.


We do cats, too!



Why We Are So Proud of Our Groomer:


Dear Nancy,

Sorry for the awful condition of Katy & Suede. My retirement is well deserved and great, but money is always tight. I tried to find less expensive grooming. Big mistake! All groomers are not created equal. You proved that. I’ll have to cut corners elsewhere because Katy and Suede deserve the best in their old age and you are it.

Thank you for your great work!Grooming5


Bunny D.



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