Autumn Pet Safety: Keeping Your Pets Safe This Fall

beagle playing in leaves.

As fall sets in here in Tennessee, many of us have autumn fun on our lists of things to do. Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital wants to be sure that all of our pets are included in the fall festivities, and that they are able to stay safe while doing so. Autumn pet safety is important, and we want to be sure that potential hazards are on your list.


Spring Has Sprung: Managing Allergies in Pets

Cat and dog with allergies.

Ah, Nashville in the springtime–green grass and sunny weather. And pollen. Lots of pollen. Just like people, pets can have seasonal and environmental allergies. Also just like in people, allergies in pets are often not much fun. Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital has the best tips for you to make it through spring allergies in pets, though.