Pet-Safe Cleaning Products: Keeping Your Home Clean Without Harmful Chemicals

a cat in front of cleaning products.

Is it possible to have a clean home and a safe pet? Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital says yes, without a doubt! With pet-safe cleaning products and smart choices, you can have a sparkling space and a happy pet.


Pet Poison Prevention Month

a huskie puppy behind houseplants.

There really isn’t a time of year completely free of potential pet hazards. Between all the chocolate-heavy holidays, the toxic blooms all spring, and the ongoing use of household cleaners, medications, and foods, the peril to pets is very real regardless of season. Luckily, March is Pet Poison Prevention Month, and it is the perfect time to raise awareness and promote the prevention of pet poisonings. 


Vaping Around Pets: Okay or No Way?

A close-up of a sleeping dog.

Traditional cigarette smoking has somewhat fallen out of fashion, but the use of nicotine is still growing strong. Vape pens are considered a good alternative to cigarettes, but the liquid inside them is far from chemical-free. In fact, vaping around pets can be incredibly hazardous to animal health and safety. 


People Foods Pets Should Avoid

dog next to food

To many of us, nothing says “I love you” like a home cooked meal or a special treat. And most of us like to share our love with our pets in the same way – by giving the gift of food.

But there are many people foods to avoid in pets – some you may not be aware of. And whether you love to cook for your dog or cat, or you have a toddler who throws food on the floor to your eagerly awaiting pet, awareness of what’s okay to give and what’s not is the first step in preventing a pet emergency.