Fourth of July Pet Safety

dog with American flag in background.

While the 4th of July is a joyful holiday for most, it can cause significant fear for your pets. With a little bit of preparation and a few precautions, you can help minimize this stress. Keep reading for some tips on Fourth of July pet safety.


Pet-Safe Cleaning Products: Keeping Your Home Clean Without Harmful Chemicals

a cat in front of cleaning products.

Is it possible to have a clean home and a safe pet? Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital says yes, without a doubt! With pet-safe cleaning products and smart choices, you can have a sparkling space and a happy pet.


Hot Pavement Awareness: Protecting Your Pet’s Paws During Nashville’s Summers

Dog jumping into water.

Tennessee summers can get pretty toasty, so it’s important to provide extra protection for your pet’s paws when encountering hot surfaces like sidewalks, pool decks, and pavement. 

Without a doubt, your pet’s furry feet deserve plenty of pampering year-round, but special precautions are needed when the mercury rises. At Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital, we want you and your pets to enjoy a summer filled with plenty of time outdoors, so we’ve compiled some of our favorite summer paw care tips


Evacuation Plans for Pets When Severe Weather Strikes

While going into survival mode can make for interesting, compelling TV programming, it’s not necessarily a concept most people are comfortable with. However, there are increasing risks to our safety with regard to severe weather and natural disasters. When it comes to creating and maintaining an overarching approach to pet safety, acknowledging the potential dangers of severe weather is necessary. Because it’s better to have what your pet needs than the alternative, we offer some helpful tips for careful planning and preparation.


Pet Poison Prevention Month

a huskie puppy behind houseplants.

There really isn’t a time of year completely free of potential pet hazards. Between all the chocolate-heavy holidays, the toxic blooms all spring, and the ongoing use of household cleaners, medications, and foods, the peril to pets is very real regardless of season. Luckily, March is Pet Poison Prevention Month, and it is the perfect time to raise awareness and promote the prevention of pet poisonings. 


The Power Of Prevention: Making Pet Wellness Exams A Priority

pet wellness

Most of us are aware of the power of prevention and early detection when it comes to human medicine and dentistry. We go to the dentist for our cleanings and examinations every 6 months, and see our physicians yearly for physical checkups, blood work, and other screenings. And although these proceedings aren’t something most of us look forward to, we know it’s an important part of our ongoing health and wellness.

The old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is just as appropriate when it comes to pet wellness. Besides giving us the chance to get to know you and your pet, the annual (or bi-annual) pet wellness exam is aimed at catching any health problems that may be developing answering your questions and concerns.


Decking the Halls With Holiday Pet Safety in Mind

Two cats look at some Christmas ornaments they took off the tree.

Are you the kind of holiday enthusiast who busts out the Christmas tree before the Thanksgiving turkey has cooled? Do you dream of a winter wonderland in the middle of June? With all the sparkles, knickknacks, and magic, the holiday season is definitely a special time that many of us adore!

At Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital, we believe it’s never too early to begin planning for holiday pet safety. For the love of our furry friends, our team has compiled some great tips on how to keep your pet safe this season, making the holidays as merry and pet-friendly as possible.


Autumn Pet Safety: Keeping Your Pets Safe This Fall

beagle playing in leaves.

As fall sets in here in Tennessee, many of us have autumn fun on our lists of things to do. Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital wants to be sure that all of our pets are included in the fall festivities, and that they are able to stay safe while doing so. Autumn pet safety is important, and we want to be sure that potential hazards are on your list.


Top Signs that Your Pet Has a UTI

UTI in pets.

People aren’t the only ones that suffer from urinary tract infections. Animals can be affected as well. They can’t talk, though, so it can be harder to know when they are having issues. Read on to learn Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital’s top ways to know that your pet has a UTI. 


Homemade Holiday Treats for Pets

Holiday pet treats.

’Tis the season for baking sugary goodies to share with friends and family, but did you know there are plenty of recipes for delicious “cookies” you can bake for your pets? From Pinterest, to YouTube, to Martha Stewart, there are oodles of yummy recipes right at your fingertips that will have your furballs eating out of your hands!