Health, Happiness, and Good Looks: Pet Grooming at Harpeth Hills

groomed dog

Everyone feels better when they’re clean, and pets are no different. Although most pet owners incorporate some aspects of grooming into their pet care routine, not everyone understands the link between pet grooming and health.

Besides helping our companions look and feel their best, home and professional grooming allows you to keep tabs on their overall health and strengthens the bond you share.

Are you ready to make grooming an important part of your pet’s care? Let’s get started!

The Principles of Pet Grooming

Whether you choose to groom your pet at home or with a professional (or both!), your pet is sure to reap the following benefits:

  • Brushing – Brushing daily or several times a week removes loose fur, dead skin, dirt, debris, and mats. It also alerts you to the presence of external parasites and evenly distributes the oils from the skin. For cats, it cuts down on hairballs by reducing the amount of fur ingested.
  • Bathing – Removing dirt and debris from the coat is important, but too much bathing can be a bad thing. Check with us to develop an appropriate pet bathing schedule.
  • Nails – Regular nail trims reduce the chance of injury to the paws (and to your carpet or furniture!). They also keep your pet comfortable by easing symptoms of osteoarthritis and joint pain.
  • Eyes – For some dogs, trimming the small hairs around the eyes can help keep them clean and free from infection.
  • Ears – Your pet’s ears should be clean and odor-free. Report redness, swelling, discharge, or odor to us at your next wellness visit.
  • Teeth – Staying on top of dental problems is an important component of pet grooming. Aim for daily toothbrushing and regular professional dental exams and cleanings. We are always happy to demonstrate proper tooth brushing techniques!

Professional Grooming at Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital

Home pet grooming is important, but professional grooming can be a game changer for some pets and their owners. At Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital, we offer a full range of customized grooming services, including:

  • Therapeutic bathing (standard or medical)
  • Brushing/deshedding
  • Nails, ears, and sanitary clipping
  • Fur trimmings/shaping
  • Three-stage drying
  • Thorough skin check for lumps, bumps, parasites, and other problems
  • A midday walk

Our professional groomer is a valued member of our team and provides gentle, customized care to each and every pet. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our staff. We look forward to seeing you and your pet!