Why Should I Adopt Instead Of Buying A Pet?

Pet adoption.

Of all the rewards associated with pet adoption (and there are many!), perhaps the most meaningful one hinges on the cycle found in animal shelters nationwide. When one pet is adopted, there is always another waiting to be seen, enjoyed, and hopefully adopted, as well. The space created by a single adoption begets exponential adoptions. With more than a million homeless pets facing euthanasia every year, it is definitely time to consider adopting a pet. 

Looking for a Specific Breed?

Prospective pet owners search for specific breeds because they’re looking for certain personality traits, looks, and/or behaviors. The idea that they know “exactly” what they’re getting by going through a breeder is shared by many. And while you can count on certain breeds to have expected, consistent temperaments, it’s not always the case. Often, purebred pets are surrendered to animal shelters if their personalities or behaviors don’t align at home. 

There is a misconception that animal shelters only have mixed breed pets, but that’s simply not the case. Shelters routinely take in purebred cats and dogs, and you can request to be contacted if the breed of choice arrives on site. Most shelters allow web searches by breed, as well. 

It is worth mentioning that dogs and cats representing more than one breed can experience better overall health due to their genetic diversity. This means that “mutts” can be a great choice!

Prevent Returns or Surrenders

To ensure that pets are going to the right people, animal shelters work diligently to test for and understand certain behaviors before pets can be adopted. To reduce the rate of returns or future surrenders, animal shelters are committed to getting to know the pets before they are adoptable. Before adopting a pet, prospective owners should do as much research as possible. Fostering pets beforehand can ensure a successful choice.

Most pets at shelters are there for reasons that have nothing to do with them. Instead of viewing them as unwanted or problematic. They may have information from their previous owner in addition to what the shelter learns from their vetting process.

Adopting a Pet Is the Best!

In addition to saving lives and reducing overpopulation, adopting a pet from a shelter boasts the following advantages:

  • Variety. There are so many different pets to choose from!
  • Age. Most breeders are looking to find homes for puppies or kittens.
  • Health. Shelter pets are up to date with vaccinations, typically already spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, and current with parasite prevention medications.
  • Cost. You might pay as little as $10 for an animal that will change your life. 
  • Community. Adopting a pet from a shelter improves feral or stray numbers on the streets, impacts neighborhoods, and promotes exceptional animal welfare.

We could go on and on about the virtues of adopting a pet from a shelter. If you have further questions or concerns about this incredible option, please reach out to us at (615) 646-7387. Our team at Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital is always happy to help.