Do Indestructible Pet Toys Actually Exist?

dog chewing on pet toy

Pet toys by their very nature should be incredibly hardy. Unfortunately, despite their target audience, many toys designed for pets actually create problems, and some of them can be major. The concept of “indestructible pet toys” may sound like a misnomer, but they do exist, waiting for your pet’s enjoyment!

Know the Score

Your pet’s species, breed, size, age, lifestyle, and personality will best inform your purchase options. When it comes to providing them the right toys that support both mental and physical health, you may be faced with a variety of unsuitable choices.

The Right Stuff

To keep a pet happy, busy and engaged, it’s essential to find toys that encourage problem-solving, work out any extra energy, and pose a fun challenge. 

Due to the prevalence of injuries associated with certain conventional toys or objects, many of the old stand-bys are no longer viewed as safe options for pets. To keep your pet safe from harm, we do not recommend the following:

  • Rawhide
  • Antlers
  • Bones
  • Pig’s ears
  • Cow hooves
  • Sticks
  • Nylon Chew Toys
  • Rope toys

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for pets to experience cuts or abrasions from these unsafe chews. If left alone or without any supervision, pets can suffer from lacerations to the gums, mouth or GI tract. Choking or foreign body obstruction can also occur, causing life-threatening injuries and necessitating surgery. Perhaps unsurprisingly, damage to a pet’s teeth is highly likely. 

Indestructible Pet Toys

Some pet toys are perfectly acceptable, they just don’t mix well with pets compelled to chew until there’s nothing left to chew. So, finding the right toy for a specific pet is necessary to prevent an emergency. Plus, buying toys your pet can’t destroy is budget-friendly! When shopping for indestructible pet toys, we suggest the following set of guidelines:

  • Is the material sturdy, durable and non-toxic?
  • It is made of plastic, vinyl, or latex?
  • Is it too soft so that it can become easily chewed up, or too hard that it could break a tooth?
  • Is it large enough to hurt your pet’s jaws, or small enough to be a choking hazard?
  • Does the toy contain stuffing, crunchy-sounding noisemakers, bells, or squeakers?
  • Can you disinfect the toy without ruining it?
  • What is the entertainment value? 
  • Can you hide treats inside it?

Pet owners may find bully sticks, Kong, and Nylabone are among the best indestructible pet toys. Rubber chews and food puzzle toys are much safer than many others.

My Dog Loves Balls

Many canines cannot live without free access to various types of balls. Indeed, playing fetch is one of life’s greatest joys. But tennis balls, in particular, can be easily ripped, torn apart, and destroyed. Certainly play fetch with them, if that’s what you and your dog are used to. However, leaving a dog alone with a tennis ball can spell danger. 

The Gift of Safety

Whether you’re looking for holiday gifts, or hoping to expand your pet’s toy collection, be advised that the only truly indestructible pet toys are the ones that you give to your pet under close, constant supervision.

If you have any questions about your pet’s behavior and health, please contact us. Our team at Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital is always here for you!