A Closer Look at the Importance of Pet Dental Care

pet dental careMaintenance. The word sort of conjures…work, right? Whether it’s mowing the lawn, mopping the floor, or tuning up the car, maintenance is usually something you have to do, but it’s hardly ever anything you want to do.

At it’s best, pet dental care is maintenance, but it really is the type you should want to do. Without regular brushing and routine cleanings, your pet could be subject to significant pain and disease. Ready? Set. Let’s maintain good dental health!

Breaking it Down

Not all food makes it through your pet’s GI system. Some of it remains on or between the teeth or settles on the gums. Combined with naturally occuring oral bacteria, food scraps contribute to the buildup of plaque, a filmy glaze that coats the teeth. Over time, plaque calcifies, or hardens, and becomes tarter.

Tarter can actually lead to tooth and root decomposition and can destroy the structure of the gums. This can be quite painful, as the loss of a tooth (or teeth) is the primary result.

As if this weren’t bad enough, the bacteria we mentioned earlier can enter your pet’s bloodstream through bleeding or inflamed gums. From there, it can cause catastrophic damage in the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver.

Time Every Day

Your pet already requires daily time and attention. Whether it’s feeding, grooming, exercising, playing, or snuggling, pets deserve all that you can give them. Adding a few minutes to your daily routine to brush your pet’s teeth and inspect the oral cavity can add to their vitality and longevity. The more you brush, the better off your pet will be in the long run.

We can help you find the right products for your pet. Pet-safe toothpastes, rinses, dental chews, and more are all helpful in combating plaque and tartar.

Keeping Exams

Every time your pet visits us for their yearly or bi-annual wellness exam, we take a peek inside the mouth. However, since most dental problems occur beneath the gum line, it’s important to anesthetize animals to take a full set of oral x-rays and to perform a professional cleaning. Without the x-rays, we can only see a little bit of what’s actually happening inside the mouth.

If extractions or oral surgery are necessary, we’ll keep you apprised and perform the critical work with care and compassion.

Benefits vs. Risks

We know that anesthesia is perceived as risky, but we take great care to verify your pet can safely withstand any procedure under anesthesia. Bloodwork and constant monitoring of vitals help us ensure health and wellbeing.

Pet dental care without anesthesia doesn’t address problems beneath the gum line, can stress out the animal, and may do more harm than good to the surface of the teeth.

After x-rays, we proceed with cleaning, scaling, and polishing the teeth. We remove plaque and tartar. If your pet needs a dental operation that requires advanced equipment, technology, or training, we may refer you to a board-certified specialist.

Pet Dental Care

Sure, it’s just one more thing on your list, but the benefits of pet dental care will pay off in the years to come. To be sure, it’s the best type of maintenance out there!

We encourage you to contact us with additional questions or concerns regarding pet dental care. Our team is always here for you!